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At The Brake & Exhaust Center we fix all your car & truck repair needs, making sure your vehicles are safe to be on the road. We specialize in Starters, Alternators, Manifolds, Exhaust System Replacement & Repair, Shocks & Struts, Brake Lines, Transmission Lines, and so much more!

Steering / suspension


Steering and suspension are integral parts of your vehicle. They ensure your wheels are one with the road, preventing veering from side to side on the road. Let The Brake & Exhaust Center keep your vehicle on the straight and narrow!

Shocks / struts


Shocks and struts (coil springs) ensure you and your passengers experience smooth rides in your vehicle. We use top of the line equipment delivering only the best parts for your suspension system. Let The Brake & Exhaust Center help end that annoying bouncing or jerking driving experience.



We offer a full range of exhaust and muffler service options with the ability to customize any work needed or desired. We repair exhaust and flex pipes or if needed, welding on a hanger. Stop by The Brake & Exhaust Center for a free exhaust and muffler inspection today.

Transmission / Engine Diagnostics


Is your check engine light on? We offer a full range of transmission and engine diagnostic service options with the ability to customize any work needed. Our engine diagnostic services provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle's engine problem to repair it right the first time. Stop by The Brake & Exhaust Center and have us run your engine diagnostic test today.


Brake repair

Brakes are an crucial component of any vehicle's safety needs. Keep yourself and your passengers safe with quality service checks to keep your brakes and brake pads in good condition. Stop by The Brake & Exhaust Center and experience quality brake service you deserve.
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